Lane Si

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Vice President

Founder and President, Grandwealth Canada Inc.

Founder & Ex-President, The North American Union of Finance & Investment

  • Mr. SI is the founder and ex-president of the North American Union of Finance & Investment specialized in cross-border financial investment, wealth planning, and private asset management.
  • Mr. SI is also a practical entrepreneur extensively experienced in business operation and corporate development in real estate development, resort operations, international education, and immigration consulting sectors. 
  • Mr. SI has provided investors throughout China, HK & Taiwan, and Southeast Asia with multinational business establishment, wealth management, and immigration consulting services for over 25 years. 
  • Mr. SI has established long-term collaboration with business investment conglomerates and associate professional service providers throughout North America and the Asia Pacific. 
  • Mr. SI has devoted his contribution to CCSME as a Senior Advisor.

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